Sweet Tomatoes??

SouplantationExpressI have lived in Dallas my whole life – okay so we detoured to Waco of all places for a couple of years but that led to family friendships and ultimately my hubbie so okay, whatever. And I did go to college in Greenville, South Carolina. But that’s just like going on an extended vacation, you don’t really live there. (My experience might have been a bit more like going to prison, but again, whatever.)

In all my years of living and eating in the DFW area, I have never heard of a place called Sweet Tomatoes.

But, a group of bloggers went over to the one in Arlington this week and I was able to try out their food.

If you have ever visited a Souper Salad, Baja Fresh, or a place like that then you know what to expect at Sweet Tomatoes.

The salad bar was impressive. The selection of ingredients as well as several already prepared salads was unequaled in my Createexperience. The salad was definitely my favorite part of the meal.

Next were the pizza bar, the soup bar, the ice cream bar and the pasta bar! Everyone is drawn to different things and I tried a little of each, but I still thought the salad bar was absolutely the best.

At the end of the meal, I was even able to make a cup of hot tea (although I did have to specially request a coffee cup from the cashier) which at least for me was a nice treat on which to end my meal.

I think Sweet Tomatoes would be a great stop for anyone trying to eat healthy. The foods they offer make that easy and you will leave with a full belly instead of a bunch of regret.

If you are in Addison, Irving, Arlington or any of the other Sweet Tomatoes locations around the country, you should definitely stop in and try it for yourself.


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