Savings All Over the Place

Today was a nice break. My boys were able to spend the day in healthy, engaging childcare and I was able to do some shopping without children!

We found good deals everywhere we went:

Target – has some great markdowns on baby items and clothes. The baby items will salvage before long and not be able to be sold so jump on them now. There is a little bit of toy clearance left as well.

Kohl’s – incredible 80% off deals. We picked up a good deal of $2, $3, $4, and $5 shirts and pants from infant to adult. We also had a lot of luck in the shoe department where they had children’s shoes as low as $6.99. I got two pairs of shoes – Converse and New Balance – for $12 each.

Kid to Kid – I have shared several good clearance deals with you from Kid to Kid lately. Today we went by there and I did manage to find an awesome black leather jacket for my boys for just $15.

Once Upon a Child – Not too long ago, Juice in the City offered a voucher where you paid $10 and got $20 worth of items from Once Upon a Child in McKinney. Today I went to use my vouchers and was astounded at the amount of stuff on sale and on clearance. Whereas other stores and consignment sales have a few shoes in each size, Once Upon a Child had a bin of shoes for each size! They were also taking 70% off their redlined clearance merchandise. We were able to get pants, shirts, shorts, and more for as low as $.75!

I specifically went looking for baseball pants and cleats for my boys who will soon be starting their first year of baseball together. I found a pair of like new cleats for $3.50! CRAZY!!

Looking forward to another break from 24 hour/7 days a week mommyhood tomorrow – working in the morning a little bit more on consignment items and then lunch with the girls and a massage – from yet another daily deal. I don’t know what I would do without these daily deals. They make life so much more enjoyable. Smile


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