Save Money by Cutting Your Kids Hair Yourself!

With three boys and a husband who need regular haircuts, that could be a HUGE expense in our budget. As a result, mommy has had to learn how to cut everyone’s hair. What we have found is that the tools you use make a big difference.

Philips Norelco CC5060 Kids ClipperToday on with their daily deal, you can get a pair of kids clippers shipped directly to your home for just $24.99.

This set includes the trimmers, guards, blunt ended scissors, and a hair cutting cape.

The clippers have a quieter motor than standard clippers which is reassuring to small children.

The guards have special tips on the ends of the combs to make them as comfortable as possible. And the clippers can be used cordless or plugged in.

More compact and lighter than regular clippers, this specially designed set is made just for the hands of a woman and is easily maneuvered around the head of a child.

And the best part, for our house, is these self-cleaning blades don’t need to be oiled or sharpened! You’ll pay for these clippers in two haircuts.

Use this and purchase one more item to qualify for your $10 gift card from Ebates.


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