LOCAL: $7 for $14 at Country Burger


$7 for $14 at Country Burger

I post a lot of food deals. I think that’s partially because I live vicariously through encouraging you enjoy the foods I’m supposed to be avoiding, and partially because a HUGE part of our food budget still goes to eating out and I do my best to keep that dollar amount as low as possible.

Many of the deals I recommend, I recommend because they’re conveniently located, I’ve heard they are good, or they’re an inexpensive way to try out a new place. Today’s deal, I recommend because completely apart from this deal my husband has raved and raved about this place to me. So, I lovingly bought him the maximum of two deals today. Smile

I will try to convince myself that instead of eating the onion rings pictured above or the burgers this place is known for, I will go and order something like this . . .


Actually looks pretty good, doesn’t it?


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