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I Ate at Chamberlain’s

For regular readers of this “deal” blog, you will be shocked at the title of this post. Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House is completely out of the scope of our budget. I have only eaten their once before because someone else in our family took the entire family there to celebrate a birthday. It was incredible, but I didn’t dream I would ever be back.

But a couple of weeks ago I received an invitation to attend a blogger preview party for Dallas Restaurant Week at none other than Chamberlain’s! I was excited. chamberlains-steak-house_1

It wouldn’t be a MelissaStuff story if I didn’t have some frugal issues. I pulled up to this lovely restaurant just off of Belt Line in Plano only to realize the parking lot was overflowing and I didn’t have any cash to tip the valet! So I dutifully parked far, far away in the parking lot and ended up being a few minutes late.

When you enter Chamberlain’s the lights are low, the ambiance is wonderful and your mouth starts watering before they can even seat you. At least, that’s how it works for me.

Our small group of bloggers along with the wonderful people from the Texas Beef Association and Marianne Howells, founder of Restaurant Week, had a private room with an amazing wait staff. 

When the Richard Chamberlain himself came in to welcome us and explain each of the items on the menu, I was almost in tears. How do you make choices from a menu like this:

Summer Corn Bisque, Duck Confit Spring Rolls, or Baby Iceberg Wedge Salad with Tomato Carpaccio

Strube Ranch Kobe Sirloin or Pecan Wood Smoked Prime Rib.


Lavender Crème Brule, Texas Citrus Pie with Ruby Red Grapefruit Sauce,
Warm Chocolate Center Cake with Blackberry Port Sauce or Almond Bread Pudding with Amaretto Caramel Sauce

I ordered the Summer Corn Bisque, Strube Ranch Kobe Sirloin and the Lavender Crème Brule. When they brought the Corn Bisque, I honestly could not believe my taste buds. I like good soup, but this was incredible. I didn’t want it to end. I could have eaten enough of that soup by itself to have kept me full for days.

The Kobe beef was next. If you haven’t ever had Kobe steak, it’s an expensive cut of meat because the cows that produce it are from Japan and they are hand massaged each day of their life to make their meat as tender and smooth as possible. Texas knows how to do steak, but a Kobe steak takes it just one step further.

Dessert was another show stopper. Crème Brule is always my favorite – that or Tiramisu – but I couldn’t imagine LAVENDER in my crème brule. However, Chef Richard swore that the way it was prepared allowed just the barest essence of lavender to pass through to the dessert, and most importantly, that the Crème Brule did NOT taste like flowers. Once again, he was spot on. I ate every bit of the dessert and was tempted to be completely uncouth and lick the bowl. Just in case you are concerned, I did restrain myself.

The best part of the entire deal is that Dallas Restaurant Week allows anyone to go to one of the numerous participating, local restaurants and eat an entire three course meal for just $35. Out of that $35, $7 will go to the North Texas Food Bank. (If you eat at a Ft. Worth restaurant, the donation will go to the Lena Pop home.)

Last year, this event raised more than $600,000! This is a good deal and a way to help a worthy cause!


  1. Melissa, would you be able to get their recipe for the summer corn bisque and share it with your readers. I would love to make some!


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