HURRY: 1/2 Off Already Great Prices at Once Upon a Child!


$10 for $20 at Once Upon a Child (Skillman/Abrams)

If you live, shop, visit, work, or can make a special trip to the North Dallas area around Skillman and Abrams, you should grab this deal.

Juice in the City ran this deal for the McKinney location not too long ago and I was able to get an amazing amount of stuff. Baseball pants for around $1, name brand jeans for less than $2, a brand new Disney movie for $4 – then you take all of those prices and cut them in half and realize what an incredible deal this is.

Also factor in that the area the store is in contributes to the quality and the availability of the merchandise, and you will realize why I bought as many of these as I could and I will make a special trip over there just to use them.


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