FREE Movie Screenings

I have the opportunity to go to FREE movie screenings all the time. Some of those are available to me simply because I am a blogger, but many of them are open to the general public if you know where to go. Sometime ago I mentioned – today I want to tell you about Moroch Movies.

Moroch Movies

Before I was an adult really – early twenties, no responsibilities – I somehow lucked into the Moroch movie screening mailing list. Randomly they would send me a “ticket” in the mail that was good for me and a friend to go see a movie a week or so before it was released in theaters. There is absolutely no commitment, you don’t have to do anything to go to the movie except show up. Every once in a while when you left the theater there would be a rep asking for reactions to the movie. That was it.

The one downside is that it is first come, first serve so depending on the popularity of the movie you may have a hard time getting in. I have only gone to a couple of screenings that I couldn’t get in to, but I have stood in line for a couple of hours in order to be able to get in to something popular – like when Avatar was having a 3D screening before its release.

If you’re into movies and this is something you would like in on, you can go to Moroch Movies on Facebook and click the link to their mailing list entry form (left of the screen). Enter your information and the next time they have something that fits your demographic, you’re in!


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