Corny Dogs? Funnel Cake?

No it’s not quite time for the State Fair of Texas. But if you miss these foods in the 11 months and 1 week between the fair then I have the perfect place for you to visit.


Mel’s Coney Island is a fairly new restaurant located on the far west side of Frisco – so far west that it’s closer to The Colony and Lewisville than McKinney.

Fairly non-descript on the outside, the restaurant kept my boys entertained with not just coloring sheets and video games, but an entire chalkboard wall where they could be kids.

We ordered all kinds of amusement park food – hot dogs, fries, hamburgers, lemonade, and even funnel cakes. I actually ordered their Philly cheesesteak . . . and it was wonderful!

David, the owner, moved here from the Boston area with 20+ years experience in the restaurant field. He was ready to do his own thing and so he opened Mel’s Coney Island using a combination of all of the recipes that the Northeast is known for.

I think this place would be a great lunch spot for some moms who want to know their kids will eat their food and that they won’t be considered “in the way”.

(And I hear, through the grapevine, that there’s going to be a Juice in the City deal for Mel’s Coney Island in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.)


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