Cool Care

I was intrigued when Cool Care by American Beauty sent me a message asking me to check out their products. They are known for products that work well and have extra safety features built-in.



They sent me this mini flat iron with a wall holder and a travel bag. I love it. I actually didn’t hang it from my wall, but set it on the dresser in my bathroom far enough back that it is out of reach for my littlest kids.

As you can see it has two slots so I can use one for the mini flat iron and the other for my curling iron.

When Colt was less than two years old, he pulled the cord of my curling iron and when it fell off the counter he tried to pick it back up – by the barrel! He blistered his hand and I felt so bad. It’s nice to know that these products provide an extra level of protection from accidents like that.

The mini flat iron is nifty, but I do have to say that I was a bit disappointed that it isn’t large enough to do anything but maybe bangs. I don’t have bangs so I can’t test that theory out, but even though my hair is pretty thin and naturally straight already – this size flat iron isn’t able to get out the wave that is created in my hair while I sleep.

But I would encourage you to check it out and see for yourself the quality and durability – not to mention the safety of these Cool Care products by American Beauty.


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