Buy Restaurant Certificates and get $10 Gift Card of Your Choice

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I know some of you have signed up for Ebates and are waiting for a good enough deal to spend your $25 and qualify for your FREE $10 gift card from Target, Home Depot, or Barnes and Noble. You can make your purchase through any of the sites that have partnered with Ebates, but here’s a deal I think would be good. certificates are 80% off again which means you will spend $2 for a $25 certificate to one of a long list of participating restaurants. We love these and use them frequently. Right now, Ebates will also give you 15% back on all purchases. So you can buy more than $300 in certificates for just $26 out of pocket, get $3.90 in cash back AND get a $10 gift card!

Here’s how - Go to Ebates and register, if you haven’t already.

If you’re a new member, you’ll get a $10 gift card (to one of four stores) when you spend your first $25.
Search for and click through to their website from Ebates.
Buy $25 worth of certificates ($300+ face value).
You will get 15% cash back on whatever you spend at
And receive a $10 FREE gift card.


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