Because It Is OUR Problem (via No Greater Joy)


This precious little girl is 11 years old. She weighs 10 lbs. She lives in a country that does not value her life because she was born with an extra chromosome.

This is OUR problem. It doesn’t matter that we are Americans and she is from a country in Eastern Europe. It doesn’t matter that she has special needs and most of us go through every day of our lives with no more thought to our physical bodies than what we will eat or drink or where we will lay our heads.

Believers, this is OUR responsibility. Church, this is OUR calling. Yes, we are given different gifts. Yes, we are given a special heart for a certain place or a certain people. But I believe from the bottom of my heart that our Saviour is devastated when we can turn our heads and our hearts away from one of His precious children who is in such desperate need.

Most of us can not jump on a plane and go bring this baby home with us, but we can give – $1, $5, $50, $1,000. This angel needs $22,000 to fully fund her trip home to her forever family. So far, over $17,000 has been raised. Every penny gets her closer to safety, healthy and love.

No Greater Joy is offering several prizes that you can win by donating as well, check out all the details here on their blog.


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