SUPER CHEAP Coupon Inserts


I just found an incredible resource for those of you in the DFW area – CouponShockSavings – sells copies of the newspaper inserts for $.90 each. If you’re local, she also delivers for FREE. And as the inserts get closer to having expired coupons, the prices of the inserts drop as well.

Just tonight I purchased 5 copies of the SmartSource insert from 6/30 for just $.50 each!

I love this because I can check to see what coupons are in the insert before deciding if buying them is wise. But for some of you it might make more sense to just get set up on an auto-pay system where the inserts are just sent to you each week.

Considering that 2 papers now cost $5 – this could be quite a savings for those of you that use multiple inserts. (I recommend purchasing one per family member to maximize your savings. For us that is 5 papers!)

In addition, some of you that like the “idea” of getting good deals more than you like cutting coupons, sorting, and shopping at a variety of stores – CouponShockSavings also offers a shopping service where items are up to 50% cheaper than store prices with an additional handling fee of $5 per order. Make your orders big enough to make good use of that $5. And if you wish, you can purchase items and have them delivered for you to the local food pantry!

Hope this site is as helpful for you as it has been for me.


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