I’m kind of at a plateau on this getting healthy and getting into shape deal. I’m not really losing, but neither am I gaining. I’d like to lose some more, but I also like to snack.

Before it was anything sweet and chips – now I try to do healthier options like nuts or fruit. But I still like to snack.

So, when Crunch Pak sent me some samples, it wasn’t my kids who tried them out, but me.

Crunch Pak has recently announced that they are partnering with Disney to hopefully entice little ones to eat more healthy, organic fruits. In fact one of the samples they sent me was apple slices, cheese and pretzels in a plastic container shaped like Mickey Mouse ears. These new packages are called “foodles” and I just have to say they were the perfect snack.

You should be able to find these new items at your local grocery. I know in our area the Crunch Pak brand is carried in Kroger, Albertson’s and SuperTarget.


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