Seventh Generation Diapers Only $5.33 a Package!

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Diapers (Pack of 4)
**Amazon prices will increase as demand for this item increases, so if the specifics don't match exactly that is why.**

Last year when Weston was born, I had the opportunity to review a large package of Seventh Generation products. I was most impressed with their diapers, and told you if I could find them competitively priced I would prefer for my baby to wear them over the alternative choices.

Well, here’s a deal where you can get them competitively priced . . .

Amazon is offering a 4 pack of diapers for just $30.47. If you use the Subscribe and Save option (to the right on the ordering screen), you can save an additional amount bringing your total down to $21.33 or $5.33 a package. I would grab Huggies or Pampers at that price and I truly believe the quality of the Seventh Generation diapers is even better.

Set your subscription rate to 6 months, and then remember to cancel it or you will receive another shipment of these automatically after that amount of time has passed.


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