Save Money with Coupons from the Doctor’s Office

People regularly ask me where I find all of the high value coupons that help me get such awesome deals on everything from diapers to formula to medicine.

Honestly, in the moment, I seem to have a hard time remembering. I usually stutter something about newspaper inserts and online printable coupons.

But one of the best place to find coupons for things like diaper rash cream, formula, children’s medicine and even diapers is your local doctor’s office. The hard part is that each doctor’s office handles coupons differently. We have used one doctor who had a select number of samples and coupons right at checkout. One of our doctors had a bin in the waiting area where all kinds of coupons were stuck and could be taken, left or traded.

My favorite doctor’s office has an entire wall of bins on the opposite wall from the checkout area. In these bins there are numerous coupons, samples and advertisements. Even for a seasoned couponer like me there are more coupons than I could ever think to use.

So the next time you’re in your doctors office, ask where their coupons and samples are – I promise you it will likely pay out in high dividends!


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