New Way to Share MelissaStuff

If you’re anally observant you might have already noticed that there is a whole list of buttons at the bottom of each post now. It looks like this . . .


These buttons make it easy for you to share any of the deals or posts that you would like . . . in the way that you would like.


This button allows you to email the post to any of your friends, family or associates.


This is the Stumble Upon button . . . if you aren’t familiar with Stumble, you can check it out here.


This button allows you to post the link to the post on Twitter.

Become a fan on Facebook

And this one lets you share it on Facebook.

This one shares with Google Buzz.


You can also +1 any of the posts by clicking on the last icon.

Enjoy! Hope this helps you share the articles that help you with others!


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