NEW Way to Save at CVS, Kroger and More: StarSavings


Have you heard about this? I just found out about it today, but I think it is a good way to stretch your dollars even further.

SavingStar is a new program that allows you to add e-coupons to your store cards for places like Albertson’s, Kroger, CVS, and more.

You register, then add coupons to your account. When you purchase any of the items you have coupons loaded for, the amount of that coupon is added to your SavingStar account. When you have accrued at least $5, you will be able to transfer the money to your bank, add it to your Paypal account, or get an Amazon gift card.

Because this program is completely separate from your transaction, your store coupons and your manufacturer’s coupons should still work just fine at checkout and you SavingStar coupons will show up in your account on top of that! I’ve already loaded my CVS card and my Kroger card. Can’t wait to see how well this works.

Join me?


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