Help: Girls Only!

Seems like it has been way too long since I posted a worthy cause for ya’ll. Sometimes they seem to flood in and sometimes nothing really strikes me for a week or two.

But, I have one today that is personal. Through a friend I learned of a need in Uganda for personal items for the girls who are becoming teenagers. Girls use whatever they can get their hands on, sometimes resorting to scraps of paper or trash.

This family is going on a mission trip to Uganda and would like to take a kit for the girls they will visit in an orphanage and some remand centers. Their goal is to put together a kit for each of these girls with a bra, 3 pairs of panties and a set of reusable cloth pads. I know that concept may be new to many of us. But disposable pads aren’t very practical over there due to the fact that they are quickly used up and the need continues – as well as the issues with trash disposal in many areas.

Seriously, if such things can be cute, how cute is that?

Here’s how you can help. Total, they need 275 microfiber cloth pads, 165 pairs of panties and 55 bras – quite the task!

But we can help. Along with a friend who is about to move to Zambia and some other friends we are going to have a Girls Only - Pad Sewing Party! If you are local and would like to attend, we would love to have you – we will be meeting at 6 p.m. on Friday, July 29th. If you are interested in attending please email me at melissastuffblog at hotmail dot com. This is really an easy sewing project, you just need to be able to sew a straight line!

If you don’t sew or can’t make it to that get together, please consider picking up some of the materials we need and donating them.

  • You can get the microfiber towels all over, I think the Dollar Store even has them for 2 for $1 right now or Sam’s club 24 for $11.
  • Flannel material – in at least 12x12 pieces. You should be able to get these in the clearance section or the pieces bin for super cheap.
  • New cotton panties – mainly women’s size small and medium
  • Training bras and bras – cup size A to C and band sizes 32 to 36

If you don’t have any luck finding these things or are in a time crunch, feel free to donate directly to the project. $15 will purchase an entire kit for a girl – a bra, 3 panties, and 5 cloth pads. Or if you are local, feel free to get your money to me or Mitzi McBride and we will use it to purchase any needed supplies.

If none of that is possible for you, please share this on Facebook, Twitter and on your personal blogs.

Also if you are interested in sewing some of these from home and shipping them to The Farmer’s Wife, you can find a tutorial and contact information here.


  1. I am going to try and do this!! I might need a day of "Trial and Error" before I come to the party though. :) I should bring my sewing machine right?

  2. So glad we can be imperfect together and still be a blessing. Looking forward to our get together!


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