FREE Nail Polish Design Strips–Includes FREE Shipping


Have to tell you I’m excited about trying these out! I never paint my nails because I’m just not good at it – so I end up with tacky dribbles and all kinds of ugly smudges.

Nail Fraud is available to help us avoid that problem. You simply apply these dry strips, then when you are done with them they come off with just a swipe of polish remover. How great is that? Even the latest crackle styles  - for both manicures and pedicures.

And, today, you can get a set completely FREE! SaveMore gives you a FREE $10 credit when you sign up. Today, these Nail Fraud sets are being offered for just $6! You can purchase the voucher for FREE from SaveMore, then use that code to purchase the set you like directly from the Nail Fraud website. They all come with FREE shipping.

Woo-hoo! The next time you see my nails, you won’t know if it’s a great pedicure or Nail Fraud!

If you are already a member of SaveMore, you will want to use this link.


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