The Difference in Online Photo Books {Giveaway}

Let me start by saying I am not an expert on this topic, but I am something of a connoisseur of photo books. I like pictures. It drives me crazy that most people do nothing with them, so I frequently take them and create a photo book for those people to have so that they can enjoy the pictures.

The very first photo books I ever did were the in-store kind where you insert your pictures from disk or card and then it automatically inserted them into a preset template and printed on the spot. I’ll shoot straight - those are cheesy. You can’t adjust the template much, if at all and it’s left up to the clerk at the photo desk to know how to trim and bind your book. I have had books that looked like a kindergartner put them together.

Then I moved to the mainstream photo brands and their photo books. They were a step up. I could select how many pictures I wanted on each page. I could enter some text here and there. And most importantly the book was printed and bound in a professional manner. However, the down side was that I thought these programs were many times not user-friendly when you wanted to make adjustments and the templates were very cookie cutter. You just couldn’t move stuff around or lay it out like you would be able to on a handmade scrapbook page.

mixbook - fb

Recently I was introduced to Mixbook. Mixbook is the latest evolution of photo book sites and their program is the best I’ve ever used! It was truly online scrapbooking. I was able to add elements, change/distort pieces, swap out backgrounds, create my own backgrounds. I can’t rave enough. It was easy . . . and most of all FUN! I looked forward to logging on and working on my book. Since the system was pretty user friendly I also didn’t have to spend lots of time trying to figure stuff out so it didn’t take me near as long as some other books I’ve created.

Another feature I was crazy about was that I could log into my Facebook account and use pictures from my friends albums in my book! I don’t know about ya’ll but I have friends who take lots of pictures and then suck at actually getting me a copy of the picture. You can’t make me any happier than letting me go get the things I need without having to ask, and ask, and ask.

My book arrived this week in the mail. I think it’s wonderful. I’m proud to give it as a gift – and it’s nice to have such great memories wrapped in a package that is an accurate reflection of the people and circumstances involved.

Want to try out Mixbook for yourself? Not only do they produce these great photo books, but they also do calendars, cards, birth announcements, and invitations. All of them able to be customized to the same degree as the photo books!

You can get 20% off any purchase just for being a MelissaStuff reader. Use the code MLSSTF20 at checkout.

Or you can enter to win a FREE photo book with FREE shipping! (Also available to Canada or the UK.)

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The winner will be chosen after midnight on July 31 and will have 24 hours to respond by email.
** I received a free photo book in return for this post; all opinions expressed in this post are completely mine.**

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