Are You My Mommy?

This little girl:


Teri Lynn – who will be 6 years old in December – spent her first few years in an orphanage. Not an ideal situation, but as you can see she was well-fed, well-cared for and a rosy cheeked baby girl.

Then she was transferred to an institution because she is too old to stay in the orphanage. Today she looks like this:


Do you see the difference? What has happened to this child? She has lost the rosy cheeks and they have been replaced by bruises. Instead of someone taking the time to pull her hair up into a cute pony tail, it has been shaved off. Rather than being dressed like the beautiful young lady she is, you can’t tell the difference between her and a little boy. But the most devastating difference is the loss of hope in her face. The loss of innocence.

Where are her defenders? Where is her mommy? Her daddy? I believe God has provided them for her. Will they say yes?

Teri Lynn has over $22,000 in her adoption account. Financially, the burden will be much less for someone to adopt her than to adopt even a domestic baby through an agency.

Can you help me find her mommy?


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