Are You Getting Ready to Make Some Money?

I am!

It is consignment season and, let me tell you, I am getting ramped up for this one. Since this is the first sale season since we started Clean It Out we have a ton of stuff that needs to get moved. I plan to attend and participate in as many of these sales as possible . . . the first one is just a few weeks away – Rhea Lana’s in Frisco (August 10 – 13) – and following that you will see the Rhea Lana’s in Southwest Dallas sale opening up.


If you’ve never consigned before, it truly is way easier than it seems.

1. You sign up for the sale on the sale’s website.

2. You enter the items into the computer system.

3. You attach a blank white hanging tag that you can get at any office supply store. (At Rhea Lana’s they will have your tags printed out for you and you will just need to attach them to the white labels.)

4. You drop off your items before the sale.

5. You pick your items up at the end of the sale and there will be a pretty check waiting for you!

Super easy and it truly is a huge help to my clothing budget!

If you are interested in consigning at Rhea Lana’s in Frisco, you will need to have all items entered prior to August 7th and then you will drop them off on August 8th in time for the sale which is August 10 – 13. The Frisco sale will be held in the Preston Village Shopping Center (Southeast corner of Hwy 121 and Preston Road behind Chick-fil-A and next to the PGA Superstore).

If you are interested in consigning at Rhea Lana’s of Southwest Dallas, their sale will be held September 14-17 and I will share the detailed schedule with you as it gets closer.


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