We had a great day today. My boys played at Infinite Bounds with a Juice in the City voucher I purchased a couple of months ago. I was able to help a friend get packed up and ready to move her entire house and family to Zambia. My kids napped. We ate at McDonald’s because that’s what happens when you let a 4 year old choose where to go for his birthday, and we had some incredible cupcakes from Dimple Cupcakes in Frisco – from another Juice in the City voucher!


All of that went well.

Then we had told our boys we would stop on our way home and take advantage of the 7-Eleven FREE Slurpee deal. But the store said it was out of the right cups and wouldn’t offer any alternative. I asked if we could just put a little bit in the bottom of a different cup – and after hemming and hawing, the answer was still no. I can’t tell you how aggravated that made me. It’s one thing to be out of the Slurpees and offer a rain check. Or give a discount on a larger size. Or offer a substitute. But to have three or four machines entirely full of Slurpee and stacks and stacks of cups . . . but just not the RIGHT size cups. Please!

7-Eleven needs to realize that this hurt them today. You only have to read the 7-Eleven Facebook page to realize how many people were irritated, disgusted and put out by this issue. I hope they come up with a way to make it right to all of the customers who wasted their time making an extra trip to their stores today.


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