2 Entertainment books–As Low as $3 + $2 Shipping!

Save on all the things you love to do!

Every summer my friends and I run into the issue that we use our Entertainment Book all the time, but our favorite coupons are gone almost immediately and then we keep wishing for them through the rest of the summer.

The best solution we’ve found is to buy additional books, but at $30 or $40 a book that isn’t the best idea. Right now, you can get two extra books for just $10 plus $1 shipping for each book.

If you shop through Shop at Home, you will get 20% off and if it’s your first purchase you’ll get $5 cash back as well.

Here is how you get this deal:

1. Go to Shop at Home and register.

2. Search for Entertainment Book and follow the link to their site.

3. Purchase 2 Entertainment Books for $10 plus $2 shipping for a total of $12.

4. You will get 20% of your purchase back within 6-8 weeks and a $5 cash credit if it’s your first purchase.

That would make your total around $5 total for two books delivered to your home.


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