LOCAL: Great Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half



I am proud to say I have lost almost 15 lbs since I stopped eating as much junk and started working out. (By the way, I LOVE my gym if you are looking for one!)

But, when I stop eating all the sugar and carbs that I am normally addicted to, I end up replacing them with lots of fruit, vegetables and MEAT!

Seriously, we love all kinds of meat in my house – pork, beef, chicken, turkey, even venison! But meat can get really expensive, really fast, especially when you’re grocery budget is only $50 a week. I shop the sales, stock up, freeze and stretch the meat to last as long as possible.

Here’s another way to help lower your grocery bill though. Buy this Groupon today and get $30 worth of meats at Hirsch’s Specialty Meats in Plano for just $15.

If you are already a Groupon customer, you will want to use this link.

Not only is meat expensive, but we honestly fight over fruit in my house. I can’t afford to buy enough to keep everyone happy! However, I could buy twice as much for the same price with this Groupon for 50% off at the Waxahachie Farmer’s Market.

If you are already a Groupon customer, you will want to use this link for the Waxahachie Farmer’s Market deal.


This won’t specifically help you cut your grocery budget, but if you’re losing weight and need new clothes that fit – pay just $10 for $20 in clothing from Old Navy!

If you want to do the Old Navy deal and have previously purchased from Groupon, you should use this link to go directly to the deal page.


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