Lego Brickmasters–$15 Shipped

With the Mamapedia deal today you can get these Lego Brickmaster Kits for as low as $15 shipped. You can get two for $27 shipped.

The kits come with a full color magazine with illustrations that teach the kids how to build different models as well as the actual pieces and figures needed to build them.

Here’s how:

1. Go to Mamapedia and purchase the $30 Totsy credit for $15.

2. Register at Totsy.

3. Wait for the confirmation email that contains the link to your Totsy voucher. (This is a good time to decide which Brickmaster sets you would like.)

4. Place the chosen Brickmaster sets in your shopping cart.

5. Use the voucher code to purchase one or two of the sets. (They are priced at $21 each – so if you only buy one you will have $9 extra to buy something else. If you buy two, you will owe an additional $12.)

6. You should receive FREE shipping if you are a new customer making your first purchase within 30 days of signing up.

Please note that the sale on these Lego items only runs through tomorrow mid-morning although the Mamapedia deal is open for 3 days and the voucher will be good until December.

I know some littles that will be awful excited!


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