LAST CHANCE: $30 Credit at Totsy

Have any credit at Mamapedia? A sign up bonus? A friend referral?

Even if you don’t this is a good deal, but if you do it’s a no brainer.

Mamapedia is offering $30 credit at Totsy for just $15. If you had $15 in credit, you would double your money.

When you make purchases from Mamapedia, you automatically donate 5% to the school of your choice, as well.

Totsy sells baby, children and mom-related products at a significant discount. They are currently running sales on Biatta intimates and Little Pharo. Right now, they are offering FREE SHIPPING on your first purchase if it is within 30 days of registering. That’s going to make for some awesome deals.

So, here’s the process:

1. Go to Mamapedia and purchase the $30 Totsy credit for $15.

2. Register at Totsy.

3. Wait for the confirmation email that contains the link to your Totsy voucher. (I window shop while I wait and end up with some things in mind to purchase.)

4. Pick out $30 worth of merchandise, place it in your cart and use the Mamapedia voucher code at checkout to pay.


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