FREE Cars2 Prizes from Kellogg’s–Including $5 in Gas


Okay, so if you're a mom of boys, you probably know that Cars 2 is coming out this summer.

Kellogg’s is offering some fun Cars 2 FREEbies as well.

Collect points from specially marked boxes of Kellogg’s products and then redeem them for great prizes. Just 4 points gets you $5 in gas or $5 in concession cash! So it’s definitely worth keeping up with them.

I was sent a BONUS code – it doesn’t say it’s one use only, so I’ll share it and you can see if it works for you - GN1J-NKCH-15PJ-1HF5.


  1. One time use unfortunately. But, it's a really good deal anyway. Now I can buy the box when the boys start having a fit wanting it because someone from Cars is on it. lol


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