Don’t Miss ANY Deals . . .


I’m sure you have noticed that we post a lot of deals here on MelissaStuff – and I know no one wants to miss out on anything, especially the HOT, time-sensitive stuff.

Here are some ways to not miss any deals:

#1 – Subscribe to receive MelissaStuff by email. You will receive an email each afternoon round naptime . . . perfect timing, right? This will recap everything that has been posted for the last 24 hours.

#2 – If you use a RSS reader to read your blogs, you can add the MelissaStuff RSS feed and my posts will be delivered directly to your reader as they are posted.

#3 – Become a Facebook follower and the deals will be published to your wall. You won’t have to remember to check them, they will come directly to you.

#4 – Follow MelissaStuff on Twitter and you’ll get extra deals and reminders that I don’t post anywhere else.

#5 – If you are interested in a very specific topic and are short on time, you can go to the MelissaStuff home page and look on the right hand navigation bar. There you will find a heading that says “Looking for Something?” Under that are two options – Links by Topic will take you directly to deals posted on specific topics such as Summer Activities or Father’s Day ideas. Under that is “You Might Be Interested In . . .” Here you will find the most read posts on the blog. There’s a good chance that something there will be helpful to you.

Take advantage of any or all of these to keep the latest deals and tips available for you!


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