LOCAL: Anytime Fitness–$40/2 Months


For almost a month now, I have been working out almost daily at Anytime Fitness in Mckinney on Eldorado. I was able to get a really good deal and it worked well with my eating healthy cruise preparation.

Several of us signed up together and it’s been nice to have the accountability and fellowship. Anytime Fitness is one large room with treadmills, bikes, weight machines and almost any kind of “tool” you might need to get the perfect workout. I like the fact that it’s small and everything is located in the same area. It makes that fellowship-thing a lot easier and for me, it’s less overwhelming.

Part of the problem  with gyms for me in the past was that I have kids with me all day, and the gyms that offer childcare just weren’t affordable enough for our budget. I absolutely LOVE the fact that I have my own key fob to Anytime Fitness that allows me to go workout anytime day or night. We have gone as late as 11 p.m. because we just didn’t get done with our mommy duties until then. That’s what works for me.

The facilities are monitored by security cameras 24 hours a day and there are emergency buttons you can wear if you are there alone. One push of the button and the McKinney police are supposedly just two minutes away . . . I haven’t tested that out yet.

Anytime Fitness just recently had a management change, and the new management – Zach – is very down to earth and friendly. Frequently he is even working out when we are working out, so you know he knows how the facilities are working and what needs attention.

There is another deal running right now for two months membership at Anytime Fitness for just $40. That includes your registration fee, first two months membership and the purchase of your individual key fob. Basically you are getting a $140 value for just $40.

I would highly recommend this gym if you are in need of one. And maybe I’ll see you there!


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