How YOU Help Keep MelissaStuff Posting the Latest Deals . . .

From time to time my readers ask how they can help out here at MelissaStuff. I don’t need you to send $$ – I mean I might enjoy it, but it’s not exactly a helpful long-term solution. There are a couple of things you can do, though.

#1 – Use the links in MelissaStuff posts to make purchases.

You may not realize it but when you click through from a post to Target or Kohl’s . . . or you follow a post to a daily deal site like Juice in the City or Buy With Me – MelissaStuff gets credit for referring you and your purchase. The more “purchase strength” the blog carries, the more advertisers and PR reps want to work with us which means we are able to bring your more and better deals.

I know many times after you sign up for a daily deal site, you get the same deals I post delivered to your inbox or one of your friends may post a deal on Facebook . . . you can follow any of those and end up purchasing the same item at the same price. But when you do it through MelissaStuff, you make it possible for this blog to continue bringing you the best and latest deals.

#2 – Share the deals you find with us.

There are a couple of different ways you can do this. If the deal – or some version of it – has already been posted on the blog, please leave a comment with how YOU were able to do the deal. Many times your firsthand experience will trump the bare facts . . . besides I want to hear how these deals are helping you and learn from the wealth of knowledge and experience my readers possess.

If you find a deal that I haven’t posted, please send me an email detailing the deal. If I think it’s something that would be a good fit for the blog, I’ll share it with the readers and give you credit. In addition, you will also get an extra five entries into any existing giveaway.

I love doing and posting the deals . . . I want to continue to bring you as many deals as possible. Please consider helping me do just that.


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