HOT What I Got: Baseball (or Other Event) Tickets for just $5 Total

You’ll have to hurry to get in on this deal, but we’re super excited about it in our house.

Take your $20 credit from Ruelala and you can get a $50 credit to ScoreBig for just $5.

Now, I had never heard of ScoreBig but it works a lot like Priceline but for sports and event tickets. You offer your own price and hopefully save a bundle! Even if I bid full price for the tickets, I could get two tickets to the Rangers for completely FREE after the credit I purchased from Ruelala. I’m hoping to keep bidding and get 4 tickets so we can take our big boys to a game for just the $5 the Ruelala/Scorebig credit cost me.

Here’s how you can do it too:

1. Go to Ruelala (before 9 a.m. CST on May 4th) and purchase the $50 Scorebig credit for just $25 (minus your $20 credit if you still have it)
2. Sign up for ScoreBig using the links in this post – there is a waiting list that you can bypass by using this link as your invitation.
3. Wait for your code to arrive from Ruelala, then go to ScoreBig and bid on the tickets you are interested in, using your voucher code to pay.
4. Enjoy!!


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