Handcrafted Jewelry Giveaway

Just wanted to quickly share with you ladies, that my SIL is doing a great giveaway over on her blog – CarlisleClanConversations.

Her Etsy store, Ragamuffin Beauties, is just starting to take off. I’m privileged because I get to take advantage of her great creations each time we’re together. Frequently she just brings me an assortment of goodies to try out. And they’re always even cuter, more functional and last longer than she thinks . . . and I go on a mission to get her to list them in her store and give you the opportunity to enjoy them like I do.

At the moment, I’ve had limited success. She recently listed three different kinds of earrings – roses, mums and bias tape rosettes. (My favorites are the bias tape rosettes. They’re kind of shabby chic mixed with a bit of handmade magic, and she even has some special ones that are made with vintage materials!!)

Ragamuffin Beauties Lipstick Red Bias Tape Rosette Earrings

The other item she listed that I’m thrilled about is the Pearls and Knots necklace. She hasn’t made me one of these yet, but she made her first test run with her necklace on our trip to Phoenix earlier this year. Honestly, it was the one item that got more compliments than anything else we wore, carried or used on the entire trip.

Ragamuffin Pearls and Knots Brown Necklace

You know me, too . . . if the items are awesome, but priced high – then I’m no longer interested. My favorite feature of the Ragamuffin Beauties jewelry is the price! The earrings are $5 – $8 a pair and this necklace is just $15. Sometimes I wonder if she’s making any money on her stuff, but it’s one of the best deals you’ll find anywhere.

In addition to all of that good news, there is actually a fun giveaway going on over at CarlisleClanConversations for some of these same great products. I think you should go enter right now, so we can enjoy this fun jewelry together.

Good luck!


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