What I Learned - Better Late than Never

So it has taken me WAY too long to get around to writing a summary post about my Creative Estates trip. Part of that is because I blogged from the event as I went along, and part of it – well, is just plain being busy.

I thought the best things I could share with you, now are the things I learned.

#1 - Twitter is a conversation.

Previously I used it as a soapbox to yell my latest ideas, savings, and deals from.

#2 – Comment on  other people’s posts.

I read blogs ALL the time, but unless my whole earth is rocked by the post, I don’t usually take the time to say anything. Apparently, that’s not the best way to go about it in the blogging community.

#3 – Title your photos.

I didn’t even know how to do this until Creative Estates, but it is critical for searches run on images.google.com.

#4 – Schedule posts.

I have to admit I knew how to do this and I used it to space out my posts on days when I had a couple hours to post all day. But what I didn’t do was schedule posts that I knew would need to be posted as follow-ups. Hello! Seems pretty simple, and it’s been working well. Duh!

#5 – These handmade blogging ladies are all kinds of cute.

Honestly, I was feeling way plain and frumpy. I’ve never seen so many cute accessories and well-put-together people.

#6 – Be who you are. Achieve the level of success you were made for. There’s always competition, but there’s never competition to be YOU.

Seems like I should have these concepts down. That was pretty much my mantra for the first 23 years of my life. But there’s just something about having 3 kids, becoming a stay at home mom, getting older. You forget. You get lost. Great reminder.

IMG_0730#7 – I need time away from my family – even my kids.

It makes me a better mommy and it reminds me that one day I will need to know who I am when I am not spending my days taking care of three small children. (By the way, my three small children are the reason I look REALLY tired in this picture.)

#8 – I have an incredible hubby.

He was willing to take on three boys ages 5 and under, deal with a sick 1 year old, and take off of work to give me a break.

#9 – I need to make time to just be with my hubby and my kids.

It’s easy to be present in body, but not in mind or heart. I don’t want my family to feel that way about me. I don’t want my husband to always feel like blogging takes me “away” from him. So my next project with my SIL is to plan a trip WITH our husbands just to enjoy being together. (I know you can’t see me, but that makes my eyes light up and the wheels in my head start spinning.)

IMG_0815 - Copy

#10 – God’s ability to heal and redeem is beyond my comprehension.

I couldn’t even begin to explain the travails that have taken place in my relationship with my brother-in-law and my SIL. This trip was really a full circle moment where I was able to see how God not only has healed and caused forgiveness, but also laid the groundwork for a future and provided a new comfort level and a depth of relationship that would have been previously impossible. (Not to mention my SIL has the biggest heart in the entire freaking world!)

My God is so much bigger than I frequently give Him credit for . . . and He’s all about being outside of that box I seem to have for Him. He does restore. He lives to redeem. He heals. He brings forgiveness.

All of that leaves me with the question – where are we going from here? What new adventure is around the corner? What will the next miracle be?

I don’t know any of those answers, but I promise you’ll have a front row seat to watch as it all unfolds.


  1. You and Jenni were darling! Thanks for making me feel like less of a giant dork that day they made me get up and change tables!

  2. Oh. I just loved your post. It was very authentic and heartfelt!

    I am so glad you had a good time at Creative Estates! I hope you'll join us in Salt Lake City next year!

  3. Probably the sweetest post I have read yet. I love it.


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