Today’s Adventures for FREE

We had a fun day around our house and lots of what we did was FREE or really close. Let me tell you how we did this.

First we got up and ate at home. I went over and ran (sort of) with a friend. Still working on getting back to the pre-baby, okay so maybe just a new post-baby, body. Obviously that was FREE.

Then I came home and cleaned and showered while I waited for my boys to get up from their nap. When they did, we headed over to Fountain Car Wash in Plano to get our car washed and detailed. image description

I was able to do it for FREE because I used a voucher from Adpages! (Technically, it costs you $15, but if you refer your friends like I do, you can earn credit and get these deals for FREE.)

They did an incredible job and I was quite pleased. Our poor minivan desperately needed to be vacuumed out and wiped down. It looks and smells a world better.

From there we did some shopping and picked up our other boy from my parents.


We headed over to Texas Love & War restaurant to use another Adpages deal we had. We had a $20 voucher (that would cost you $10 if you don’t have referral credit) and we did end up spending about $10 more plus tip since we had our three boys along with us.  Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available, but there are other restaurant deals for places such as – Tollie’s Barbecue, Gatti’s Pizza, and Sauced.


In the same parking lot as the restaurant, there was a Sports Authority. We had actually gotten two $15 Instant Cash coupons in the mail for Sports Authority! I was a little leery that there was a hidden catch, but there wasn’t. We were able to get two baseball gloves and a baseball for our boys! They were so excited. They didn’t even want to take the gloves off!!

So we had a great time and really didn’t spend that much in the end. You can do it too. Keep reading MelissaStuff and check out the deals that are posted – they really do pay off in the end.


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