GREAT Article: Extreme Couponing-What They Don’t Show or Tell You

I know many of you have watched the TLC program on “Extreme Couponing” because you have asked me questions about whether it is real or not and if that is how I shop. The answers are “Not exactly.” and “No, I couldn’t store that much stuff and I couldn’t focus on saving money on other foods that my family needs to be eating if I was expending enough energy to get $1,000 of FREE stuff each time I go to the store.”

If you are interested in more differences between real life couponing and the tv show’s depiction of extreme couponing, you should check out this article -


1. It Takes Time to Coupon
It takes hours of planning to take a $2,000 bill and get it down to $100. Extreme couponing like you see on the TLC show is a part-time or even full-time job in regards to the hours put in.

2. Extreme Couponing Isn’t for Everyone
The average person won’t put in all the time to be an extreme couponer. But if the show got you excited that’s great! Using
coupons will save you money. Start off with a goal of saving 10% to 20 % off your grocery bill… {Read the rest of this article}


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