Exciting Opportunity!

Sometimes I hear from people that they are frustrated because they are not able to help with the worthy causes that I post about . . . or definitely can’t help with every worthy cause. But today I have an opportunity everyone can participate in . . .

Patricia Heaton – actress on The Middle and formerly Raymond’s wife on Everybody Loves Raymond – has offered to donate $1 for every new Twitter follower of Reece’s Rainbow. Yes, the very same Reece’s Rainbow that I frequently talk about. The Reece’s Rainbow that supports this family whose adoption has been denied because their son has Down's Syndrome. The Reece’s Rainbow that helps special needs children move from international institutions to permanent homes.

So, if you don’t follow Reece’s Rainbow on Twitter @reecesrainbow – you need to go do that right now and know that small decision is helping a very worthy cause.


  1. Wow, thanks for posting this, who couldn't do that simple of a thing to help out? What a touching website and stories, I cried of course! Really really special people! I will share it also of course :D


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