Easter 80% Off Sale at Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com Weekly Promo Offer 125 X 125

Restaurant.com has 80% off their products from now until April 24.

Let me share a little personal history. Last February I bought my husband the Dinner of the Month club during a 80% off sale. I think it cost me about $20 total.

For that cost, I got 12 months of $25 gift certificates at any restaurant in their program. We have eaten all over with those certificates. Now you do have to know that they are not quite the same as a gift card. Usually, they are like $25 off your meal when you buy 2 entrees. Sometimes, they are $10 off when you spend $20 . . . so they’re more like high dollar coupons. But if we’re going to spend full price to eat somewhere and we can cut that by half or more than half by purchasing $2 gift certificates, I’m all over that.

Use the code EASTER to get $25 gift certificates for $2 or a year of Dinner of the Month (12 – $25 certificates) for just $24!

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