Weekly Plus: $12 for a Manicure and Pedicure

Dallas_125x125I am excited to tell you that Weekly Plus – one of the best deal sites around right now – has signed up to be a sponsor of the MelissaStuff blog!

So thrilled because their deals are good . . . good enough that I mentioned them even when they weren’t officially one of my sponsors yet.

The $12 Manicure/Pedicure deal I  mentioned the other day is still available. You should not pass on this one. You’ll never get a deal that good anywhere else, and it’s perfect timing since we are literally days away from sandal wearing weather!

If you are not local to the DFW area, check out Weekly Plus to see if they are currently offering deals in your area as they are live in Dallas, Phoenix and Denver right now with plans to expand further.

One of the nice things about Weekly Plus’ deals are that they stay available for 7 Days! No longer do you have to be sad that you missed a deal posted here on MelissaStuff because you had a busy day. If it’s a Weekly Plus deal it will stay available for 7 days, plenty of time for everyone interested to get in on it.

I’m excited to see what other deals are coming up. If they are as good as the Mani/Pedi deal going on right now, you will hear lots about Weekly Plus in the next few weeks!


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