A New Relationship


I’m excited to announce a new partnership between MelissaStuff and Juice in the City daily deal site! This new relationship means I will be bringing you some very special deals – and there may be a chance to win some free JuiceBucks soon.

Personally, I find that Juice in the City stands out from other daily deal sites because they purposely choose to highlight local businesses. In the DFW area, they’ve even broken down “local” to several different counties so that you can be sure the deal you are interested in will be in relative proximity to where you are located. I love this because too many times I’ve gotten excited about a deal only to find that it is 50 miles from where I am even though we are both still considered “Dallas”.

Today’s Collin County deal is Transfer your Home Videos to DVD for just $10! I can’t wait to try it out because I have a bunch of video that needs to be transferred. In fact, I’ve tried doing some of it myself but it is time consuming and even still the quality is not the greatest. Besides having out multiple pieces of equipment only tempts my boys to play with, and likely, break something.

Do you have old home videos languishing in a box or bin somewhere because they’re on VHS and you don’t even have a VCR in your home anymore? Many of us do. This deal is perfect for nudging you to finally get them transferred to DVD. Each $10 deal will get one of your old videos transferred to DVD.

If you aren’t local to the DFW area, you can see your local deal highlighted in the ad at the top of this post. Check it out and see if it’s something that might work for you.


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