LOCAL: Missing Football Season?


In our house, we have football withdrawal during the off-season, so I was thrilled to see that the local Allen Event Center has just kicked-off its first indoor arena football season. The Wranglers bring football up close and personal. With Drew Pearson as their general manager, they also draw us closer to the big name football team in town.

On April 8th, Roger Staubach will also be attending the Wranglers game and will be participating in pre-game activities and signing autographs.

So I was thrilled to find tickets 50% off, right now. These vouchers are good for one ticket to any homegame before April of 2012.



You can get a seat in the dark blue area for just $15.75! That’s a great deal. I know my family will be attending at least one game, and I’ll be honest – I can’t wait!

Vouchers are on sale until they are sold out or until April 9.


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