HOT: Extra 50% Off All Clothing Clearance at Babies’R’Us

My son’s birthday occurred recently and we needed to exchange a gift from Toys’R’Us last night. While my boys perused every possible option in the toy department, I went to the adjoining Babies’R’Us to see if I could find any good deals . . . lo and behold all of the clothing clearance was an extra 50% off!

I got some great deals:


A matching jacket and snowsuit – similar to this one, but in blue = $15

I-Play Boys Winter Wear Waterproof Insulated Snow Boots - Navy (Size 8) - I-Play  - Babies"R"Us

Snow Boots – similar to these, but matching the snowsuit and jacket = $6.25

I was also able to get a pair of Amy Coe Forever Rocks pajamas for $4.50, an adorable pair of hightop tennis shoes that look like old school Converse for $4.50, and two shirts from the Lazoo line (pictured below) for $4.25 each.

I did try some Puma tennis shoes that were clearanced and they did NOT get the extra 50% off like the snow boots and hightop tennis shoes. You might be able to convince them to give it to you anyway, but the shoes would still have been like $12 so I wasn’t willing to fight for it.

Good luck!


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