Okay, so roll your eyes and call me cheesy, but I can’t resist – this weekend was HOPping in our house.

Amidst the craziness of the garage sale, our crew also went to a special screening of the new Easter movie, Hop!

What a great family movie! The entire group loved it . . . which means a lot, since some of us adults {ahem} are a little leary of children’s movies, especially if they feature animation. However, this movie also has real people. Some good looking real people – like James Marsden.

There’s also this cute little critter:

You’ll love this fun Easter story about an out-of-work deadbeat (James Marsden) who has to nurse the Easter Bunny back to health after accidentally injuring him. I could continue on, but really the kids opinions are the most important.

Riley my newly turned five-year-old said, “It was good, Mom. A chick turned into a bunny!” Of course it did, that sounds just right for an Easter movie, right?

My three year old liked it so well that the first thing he said when we got home was, “I want to see that movie again!”

Sometimes even animated movies have too much adult humor in them for me to feel comfortable taking my boys or encouraging my friends to attend, however this is one movie I can give a big thumbs up for everyone!


  1. Thanks for the review...I'll have to check it out with my 4 year old! :)


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