Groupon Deal on Matthew McConaughey!


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a Groupon deal and just bring Matthew on home? I would special order him just for my sister! Of course, knowing her, she might just find something wrong with him once he was there. But still, I’m sure I could find somewhere to put him!

Technically, this Groupon deal is on Mr. McConaughey’s latest movie – The Lincoln Lawyer. You can get tickets to see it for just $6 each and they are good for the next three weeks at any theater that uses Fandango ticketing. (Which is most of them, by the way.)

I’m going to jump on this. If my hubby doesn’t see it with me, my sister-in-law will when we go on our girls trip here in a couple of weeks. Get yours too!

If you’re new to Groupon, sign up first and then come back here and click on the link below or navigate to the Eugene, OR list of deals.

Groupon returning customers can use this link.


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