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Recently, I found myself in need of a new phone . . . and desiring a Smart Phone. I was afraid that it was out of my price range as not too long I was quoted $700 for a new Smartphone and approximately $120 for unlimited minutes, texts and a limited amount of data! That wasn’t going to cut it in our house. Not only would I never spend $700 on a phone, I will probably use the data on my phone more than I talk on my phone . . . so limited data is setting myself up to FAIL.

So I did what I always do and started researching. I found, as always, I could get a significant discount on the phone if I signed up for a contract. Then I started searching for THE BEST deal. Here is what I found . . .

Amazon Wireless had an offer where I could get this Evo 4G – the latest version advertised on all the commercials right now – for just $99. That was $100 less than anywhere else!

And the best part is that the phone was offered with a Sprint contract. Sprint offers a plan where you have unlimited calls from your phone to any other mobile phone regardless of the carrier, unlimited text and UNLIMITED data! (The only thing not unlimited is phone to landline calls and I have 450 minutes a month for those. I can’t imagine using that much because no one I know uses a landline anymore unless they’re a business.) You know what the cost was? $69.99 plus $10 extra for data on a Smartphone and $7 for full coverage on the phone because I am HARD on phones – minus my husband’s 18% discount through his employer equals about $85 a month. That’s $8 less than I was paying for my last plan with a different carrier and I only had 900 minutes period and NO data!

Even without the discount, this was honestly the best deal I could find on the phone and the plan. If you’re looking to switch cell phone service or wanting a new phone, check out Amazon Wireless. They may have just what you need at a better price than you can find anywhere else.


  1. You are going to love the EVO. I have one and I love it! The data plan is so worth it!


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