What I’ve Been Reading: The Birdhouse by Kelly Simmons

The Bird House: A Novel

I was sent The Birdhouse by Kelly Simmons to review. It’s a little bit outside of the normal realm of what I read, but I thought it sounded interesting so I agreed to read it and review it.

Here are some  of the things that have been said about this book:

“Complex and poignant…”--Publishers Weekly

“Kelly Simmons is able to clearly capture the voice of an elderly woman and tell her story in such crisp, tight prose I was hooked from the very first page. The Bird House is more than a suspenseful story, though—it’s about secrets: family secrets. And those are always the best kept ones." --Chevy Stevens, New York Times bestselling author of Still Missing

"There’s nothing I like better than a dark family secret, and Kelly Simmons really delivers in The Bird House…This is a beautifully paced novel that will keep you guessing right to the end." --Pam Lewis, author of Perfect Family

But let me tell you that in the end I found this book to be a story told by a little old lady – a story of multi-generational affairs, of secrets, of guilt, of regret. It was sad and depressing.

I hate to say that about a book because I can find something redeeming in almost any book even if it’s just learning from mistakes, but this time I couldn’t. I’m sorry.

I do want to note that I thought the book was well written and I would read something by Kelly Simmons again.


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