What I Got: Target Online Clearance

I’ve shared before that I almost always shop off season and stock up on clothing when it is clearancing out . . . well, Target has some GREAT deals online right now.

Picked up some jeans for my boys because we are definitely at the stage where they are tearing holes in the knees of everything before they can outgrow it, let alone pass it down to the next brother.


I have some hand-me-down swim trunks for Weston that are in great shape still, but no rash guards because when the other two were infants we weren’t out and about much. But last summer we were at the pool once or twice a week, so I picked this up to go with the trunks.


Product Details


And while I try to limit my boys toys, I do make exceptions for learning toys and things that keep them quiet and occupied. So I couldn’t pass up the Leapster Game and Tag Reader book that were heavily clearanced.

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Product Details


Then they had two other toys I thought the boys would love. Since they were only $3.48 I went ahead and ordered one of each and I’m hoping this is something that really will occupy them and encourage them to use their imaginations. They are a fire phone and a police phone that fold out to create a “station” for the action figure.


I had to stop shopping at that point, but there were a ton more deals in baby, kids, women's and men's for up to 75% off!


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