What I Got: MORE Socks, Can’t Ever Have Enough It Seems!

NOTE: These are LUXURY items like cashmere/silk socks and as such are priced high. With my $50 voucher (which costs $19) I purchased 2 pairs of boxers and a pair of socks. NOT normally what I would consider a steal by any means, but a nice way to splurge if you want to do something nice for a man in your life.

Not too long ago, I took advantage of a daily deal to get some discounted kids socks. And today, Eversave has $50 worth of men’s socks (and boxers, undershirts, etc.) for just $19 PLUS FREE shipping.

FREE shipping was the selling point for me. I hate when I have to pay another $5, $8, $12 shipping on one of these “deals.” At that point, it just doesn’t seem so much like a good deal.

Hurry, this deal is only good today! I’m going to head over and see what I can bless my hubby with – he’s always grateful for new socks and underwear. Isn’t that great? Ha!

Returning Eversave customers can use this link.


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