Weston is on the Move {Giveaway}

Finally, my ten month old is crawling . . . slowly but surely. I have to admit I didn’t really encourage the crawling because I know it means one more child I will have to keep up with!

But it seems since he took so long to decide to crawl that he will quickly be moving from crawling to walking. He is already trying to pull himself up and he seems to be pretty fearless so who knows how long it will be before he is taking his first steps??

As we are working on his balance and he is desperately wanting to be up on two feet like the rest of the family, we have come across a useful little tool called the Juppy Walker.

Pictures to follow at

And I am confident that as he grows and advances in his ability to walk, we will use this tool to help without incessantly bending over and lifting . . . you know like we did with the first two!

People rave about the Juppy, saying things such as:

Upon receiving our Juppy, we put our little girl in, and I truly believe that not only has the Juppy given our daughter the confidence to begin taking steps & attempting to walk on her own, but I believe it has been instrumental in the strength building & physical development of her legs. Not to mention how comfortable & stress free the adjustable straps make it for the backs of the parents using the Juppy. At 7 months, our daughter stands assisted, (mostly while in the Juppy,) or holding onto one of her favorite toys, or the couch, etc... In my opinion, this is a great, innovative product that can't be beat for such a small investment in the development of your child's ability to walk. Great work!

AND now, Juppy would like to give you the chance to win your own Juppy Walker!

Entries: (Please leave a separate comment for each of these that you complete so you get the maximum number of entries.)

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The winner will be chosen after midnight on February 27 and will have 24 hours to respond by email.

** I received a Juppy to review for this post; all opinions expressed in this post are completely mine.**

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