SUPER Excited!

So, I have several thing to be excited about lately.

#1 – My SIL and I are going to a blogging conference together in April. Just the two of us. No kids. No hubbies (although we generally like them and they are a lot of fun). Just us and our computers. That is one SWEET recipe for a girls weekend away.

#2 - Joey and I are going on a vacation without the kids in May. A cruise to the Virgin Islands . . . haven’t been there since I was like 8 years old. Seven whole days with my hubby. We haven’t done that in almost 3 years and it’s way overdue.

But being excited about those two things means I have suddenly been motivated to get to work on the 20 lbs I have accumulated as I had children. Ugh! 20 lbs. It always just seemed like a couple here and a couple there, but apparently those “couples” just kept adding up.

We’ve done a couple of practical things to help – like getting the Wii Fit because I’m a kid like that and need to be entertained or I won’t work out. And I’ve been trying to make healthy eating choices. It’s a little more difficult because Weston is still nursing some, but I’m definitely not at the depriving myself stage so I think he’s fine.

This all leads me to the third thing I’m excited about:

Welcome to the Fresh

#3 – I have the opportunity to get a week of chef cooked meals delivered to my home daily! The calorie counting is done for me. The proportions are controlled. It’s easy and ready to eat whenever I get hungry. I feel like a celebrity!!! Check out the Fresh Diet website to get a preview of what I’m going to be eating (and sharing with you on the blog) next week.


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